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art baker Email

Where Are You From congregation street


I was brought up on that corner, (Wellington and Congregation).

Thanks for the memories.


Gordie & Betty Bernier  Email

Where Are You From The Point/ Griffintown.

Hi George,

It was great to see you again on Saturday. Thank you for posting the Hall Of Recognition videos, such a fantastic job as usual.

Hopefully we'll see you again soon.💕💕💕

William Govan Email

Where Are You From Congregation St / Greenfield Park

Today I attended The Point St Charles Hall of Recognition Ceremony. I also promised myself that I would never attend one and I was not going to attend tonight.
Thank you Glen Cambridge for the telephone conservation we had and I listened. My wife Linda Millar asked me to attend and I did not expect a warm welcome from many Pointers. Kevin Figsby you are a true gentleman as well as George McRae who shrugged off my past comments and, yes, I did offer each man an apology for my past actions on and I was forgiven. 
 Little did I realize how great an event it was. I was  happy on seeing the scholarships being handed out, and the amounts,  all with a smile. I enjoyed the speeches of past scholarship winners and how they were helped.
  I was wrong and I apologize to all who attended tonight and the previous years.

Joyce Cantwell Email

Where Are You From pointsaintcharles.

Condolences to the family of John Wilson.

May he rest in peace  

Joyce Cantewll

Linda Wright 

Where Are You From Point Saint Charles/Deux Montagnes

Dear George,
On the passing of your brother Donald.
There are no words to take away sadness when you lose someone you love.
"The dead are asleep,they do not suffer" John 11:11
We wish you comfort and strength, at this time of great sorrow.

The Wright Family
Dawn,Ken and Linda.

I would like to thank you all for your kindness and comforting words at this time. Truly appreciated.
Linda, your Email was most touching. I didn't know that Donald took your picture when you were both c.6 years of age. Thanks for recalling such a gem from the past. I put your Email up on the Home page for a few days a week back, and hope you didn't mind. Thanks again.
Love and best wishes to your family.
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