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Ross Fuller Email

Where Are You From St. Laurent/Green Valley, Ontario

Like you picture today very much. By the looks of the Cadillac I would guess 1953 or 1954? Keep them coming.

Don Mitchell Email

Where Are You From Edmonton ab.

Good morning George hope all is well with you and Donald.

Re: The double decker bus test in B.C. just to let you know
Strathcona County Transit here in Alberta have had them as city
transportation for quiet a few years now.
Keep well and thank you for all your hard work

Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point


Thank You from the PSC Theatre

So last night, Saturday, November 25th 2017 was the closing performance of our play Agatha Crispie.

It is always a little sad when we close a play after so many months of effort by our volunteer actors, directors and so many people “behind the scenes” -  but it was a very good run with many great comments from the audience.

We are sorry for the reservations that we could not accept since almost all of the performances were completely Sold Out.

We do thank everyone that did attend; and hope to see you all in the Spring for our next play.

And, of course a special thanks to George McRae who, once again, as he has done for about 12 years, made a video record of the play - his support has always been so much appreciated.

Take Care everyone….

Joanne Cole Wenzel Email

Where Are You From Lverpool St/Slave Lake, Alberta

Looking for Gail Macdonald. Last post here was January 2017. Last correspondence was March 2017. Other emails sent after this was returned. Last known address was Lasalle, Quebec. If anyone knows her whereabouts can you let her know |I am looking for her. Thank you.

Maureen Gallagher Email

Where Are You From Montreal

Lest we Forget
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