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brian hanley Email

Where Are You From the point & lasalle

In my first entry I did not make myself very clear. Sorry.

I meant to say;

"My father urged Mr. McConnell to give One Million Dollars toward the building of the Point Saint Charles Boys and Girls Club; which he did". 

Thanks for your understanding.

Brian Hanley.

brian hanley Email

Where Are You From the point&lasalle

The Point St. Charles Boy's Club was built my a man called  J.W. McConnel.

Asked my father, who gave 1 million dollars back in the 50's.

So you can take it from there, who the building belongs to.

I hope this is helpful.

Brian Hanley

Kevin Figsby Email

Where Are You From The Point

To our community,

We’d like to thank everyone for the support which has been expressed thus far after a document went public and indicated that the Point YMCA would close in a mere six weeks - on December 31, 2019. Since the announcement, there has been a concerted effort to gain transparency as to the YMCA’s intentions for programming in the Point and their pathway forward in the community. This past Friday, in a meeting with Stephane Vaillancourt, President and CEO of the YMCAs of Quebec, it was stated to myself directly that although the fitness programming will cease as of December 31, all other Programming including youth, after school and CPE Daycare etc. will continue for the year 2020. Adversely, no concrete plan was provided for the long term vision of our centre. The decision to end fitness programming was directly related to declining revenues and increasing deficits. This is no surprise given the popularity of low-cost, high volume fitness facilities for adults.
What is in peril here, and what must remain at the forefront of the discussion, is the youth programming. This is far from the first instance of this reasoning rearing itself when decisions are undertaken. Often forgotten in such impactful decisions is the reality that community centre-based programming, such as ours in the Point, are the reason people and corporations donate to Centraide and similar Foundations. These same entities provide the funding to assist in covering both upkeep and deficit assistance to ensure communities have a place to engage their youth and support their development and well-being. The goal is not now, nor has ever been profit - but rather, moral and physical sustainability. As I reach out to you all, know that all levels of Government; Federal, Provincial and Municipal, have been kept in close contact and are keenly aware of the urgency of the situation.
As I compose this text, an undertaking to review all dealings related to legal contracts, deeds, legacies, foundation designations, transfers, sales and ownership in regard to the building itself has been initiated. However, know this - from our community perspective, the building is the rightful property of the children, youth and people of Point St. Charles. Currently, we propose that a new operating model be forged with the assistance, resources and collective support of the three levels of Government and the YMCA, working together with our community groups to develop a comprehensive and sustainable model for community activities to take place at 255 Ash Avenue . It is imperative that all concerned express their views and ensure that the three levels of Government; Federal ,Provincial and Municipal ( in particular, the Borough Mayor), as well as the YMCA Head office in Quebec and YMCA Canada are aware of the concerns of the community and the people from Point St. Charles. Please direct your comments, concerns, emails, testimonials, phone calls, petitions and all other related communications to all of the following: Mayor Benoit Dorais at, Municipal Councillor Craig Sauve at, MNA Dominique Anglade at, MNA Marguerite Blais at, MP Mark Miller at, YMCA Quebec President & CEO Stephane Vaillancourt at and YMCA Canada Chairperson Marcel Lauziere at We need our Elected Officials to support the community who elected them. Many of you reading this will draw memories of a childhood spent in this building. It’s our opportunity to provide that same chance for memories to be made, and for legacies to be left, to the children of the Point today. Thanks, Kevin

Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point


Bad News & Good News at the PSC Community Theatre

Our production of the Silver Mask is now finished and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came out to see the play. Your continued support is much appreciated.

So there is some bad news and good news for the PSC Theatre

First the Bad News……

As you may have seen from media reports, the YMCA-Quebec operation has announced that they plan to close our local Point St. Charles YMCA.

As most of you know, for more than a decade. The main PSC Theatre has fully supported a FREE Youth Theatre program in the Point.

And one of the reasons that we have been able to offer this program to all young people from 7 to 17 years old, is that we have been able to use the space at the PSC YMCA to offer this course. It provides not only acting skills but, of course, many lifelong benefits to these young people – things like confidence, a chance to speak in public; an opportunity to make new friends from other parts of the city etc., etc.

For our main nonprofit, completely volunteer adult theatre – putting on a play requires about 3 months or so of rehearsal time and again the PSC YMCA has provided the space for these rehearsals.

Needless to say, the loss of this space for the PSC Theatre and our Youth Theatre program will change the dynamics and likely cause hardship for our effort that has been a really great community initiative for about 15 years.

So we can simply not allow the PSC YMCA to close without a fight and the first step is that we ask you, your family, and friends to sign a petition against this closure. The petition can b found at:-

And now for the good news…

There are a number of lady painters in the Point called the Group of Sven. All year long these ladies produce terrific paintings and other art work. And then once a year, they hold a Vernissage where they offer their creations for sale.

All of the proceeds from their sale go to the benefit of PSC Youth Theatre program (With the closing of the YMCA mentioned above, this revenue certainly helps to keep the program completely FREE)

So this year the Annual Vernissage is scheduled for Saturday, November 30th 2019 from 1pm until 4pm. This event takes place at the Old Bank at 1900 Wellington St. (same place where we present our plays).

So please do mark your calendars for November 30th – these events are always lots of fun…

That’s it for now….


Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point


A Question about the announced closing of the Point St. Charles YMCA and perhaps some older Point residents might have some information.

The question is who owns the building and land of the Point YMCA? Were either of these items originally the property of the old Leo’s Boys Club? Did Leo’s transfer these assets to the YMCA? If so, under what terms and conditions was the transfer done?

It could be an interesting  item in any argument against closing this Point Y.

If you have any knowledge about this, please comment…

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