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John Tibbo Email

Where Are You From thePoint

Name:john tibbo
Subject:team pictures
Message:Looking for team pictures from baseball football hockey from people who may remember me from way back
Played little league for athletics football at ste patrck parc for roughriders coach whas john ferguson he lived on Charlevoix than played for giants at ash parc coach was gilbert leonard.
If any one has pics, would like to have copies.

Billy McLean Email

Where Are You From Brockville

Hi George.

I just read that article on the front page from the vox pop . Thanks George,  keep it up for as long as you can.

I'm always proud to tell anybody, that I was born and bred in the Point. 

Thanks Again George

Ian Clyde Email

Where Are You From Verdun

I sadly just read in Saturday's Gazette regarding the passing of a lifetime friend from the point to many including myself. Margaret Healy just passed away on the 24th.of May. Margaret will most certainly be missed by all the people who were fortunate enough to know this "Wonderful Women" & to be honored to call her "Your Friend" My Very Deepest Condolences Go Out To her sisters & remaining family & loved one's. This young spirited, pleasant & Extremely sociable lady who was extremely inspirational to me & I'm certain, many other's. Our Dear & "Cherished Friend": This World would be a much better place with more "Wonderful People" Like Margaret. "Margaret Healy" shall always be missed & never forgotten. Thank You Margaret for your contributions to our community as well as the various association's which you contributed to & were a part of.

John Mason Email

Where Are You From Griffintown / Winnipeg


To all ex - Griffintowner`s

I found a Facebook site ( You don`t have to join Facebook to browse this site )

Google -Griffintown Memories public group - Facebook

 - ENJOY - 

Bill Govan Email

Where Are You From Congregation St/ Greenfield Park


   I hope that all is well.

Please keep safe my friend.

Thank you for all that you are doing.
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