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Ted Harris Email

Where Are You From Ville Emard now Brampton, Ontario

Wow! What great memories of Expo. From the Soupy Sales Hellz-a-Poppin show to treating our parents to a Wayne Newton show, my then girl friend, now my wife of 51 years visited the fair an average of 4 times a week. It's impossible to pick a favorite event, but swinging a stein of beer in time to the oom-pah music at La Ronde, followed by an incredible nightly fireworks display certainly has to be a highlight.

                               Thanks for the memories George,

Don Mitchell Email

Where Are You From Griffintown/now Edmonton

Hi George,
Hope all is well and you are staying safe always great to visit this site everyday to see what's new back there.

George did you notice in todays video of Roy the fellow to Roy left happens to be Bruce Springsteen.

Please stay safe we need you to stick around for quite a while yet

Thanks Don for the well wishes.
Yes, I noticed Bruce Springsteen. It was a great session!
Keep free of the virus if possible my friend.

Bob Walsh Email

Where Are You From Charron St / Now Mississauga

Hello George
Great Front Page today.
I remember that game, watched it on TV.
I was allowed to watch it because
1 - Father's Day
2 - I was and still am a Phillies Fan
Did you know that the pitcher Jim Bunning also threw a no-hitter in the American League for the Detroit Tigers ?
Keep up the good work.


John Mason Email

Where Are You From Griffintown / Winnipeg

Hi George , 

Today`s Baseball clip brings back memories when a friend and I took an over night Greyhound Bus from Montreal to New York and arrived  on  Sat. Oct. 10 1964 .

We stood in line to get into the `Left Field Bleachers ` at Yankee Stadium  ( $ 2.00 US )

And of course the   `Biggest Thrill `was witnessing Mickey Mantle hit his `Walk - Off Home Run in the 9th Inning `.

John Mason
Email address:
insert additional comments in my post
Hi George, Is it possible to insert additional comments in my Post on April 18th. In the first paragraph at the end should have read ... on Sat. Oct. 10 . 1964 for Game 3 of the World Series . In the third Paragraph at the end should have read hit his now ...Famous ..Walk Of Home Run ... And for a 4th Paragraph I should have put `` You can view this on You Tube George , thanking you in advance and my prayers for good health, John Mason.

Bob Walsh Email

Where Are You From 369 Charron st / Now Mississauga

Hello George

Terrific Front Page today. Keep up the good work.


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