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Robert Burns Email

Where Are You From Toronto

Hello, George.

I'm finally catching up on your postings and saw De Lormier Stadium.  Took me back to late 40's. Bag of shelled peanuts 10 cents,you bought 2 bags, which were tossed to you and you in turn sent back a quarter. I think admission was a dollar or two and for kids in those days for 25 cents you received 7 streetcar tickets. You could jump on the street car at Congregation Street,get off at Place D'armes, either walk across the square grab the 22 car or walk down the Hill to Craig Terminus, then a streetcar to DeLormier street and there you would be transported up to the ballgame. It was always a great adventure, and, the peanuts were always DELICIOUS! Was that really 70 years ago?   
George thanks for the memories
Bob Burns

Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point


A local political side issue….

Many Point residents have supported the effort of the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation to have memorial green space installed near the Black Rock on the Montreal side of the Victoria Bridge.

This space would remember the 6000+ Irish immigrants that died and were buried in the area in 1847 as well as the many Montrealers that went provide care and comfort. Many of these caregivers that were neither Irish nor Catholic (which was the heritage of the great majority of the victims), caught the typhus fever; and they themselves gave up their lives in this humanitarian effort.

The property is now owned by Hydro Quebec and this organization will be the one to make any final decision concerning our green space effort. However, they will need to co-ordinate any efforts with the City of Montreal.

Over the last 4 years, since the last election, the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation has been trying to work with the current city administration. And in the recent weeks, current Mayor Coderre did have a press conference where he apparently made it clear that if re-elected, he will work with Hydro to get the memorial project done.

Now Ms. Plante, his opponent who is also very familiar with the need for this space,  has also issued a press release indicating that she is also strongly in favor of the idea; and would work closely with Hydro and The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation if she becomes the new Mayor of Montreal.

So in relationship to the efforts for the last 6+ years, it would seem that the City of Montreal is committed to working with Hydro regardless of who wins this election & becomes Mayor in this rather close race.

This is very good news for the project.




Bob Walsh Email

Where Are You From " The Point " / Mississauga

Hey George

Great photo of De Lormier Stadium on today's front page.

Brings back pleasant memories of sitting in the grandstand first base side with my Brothers, Dad, and Uncle watching the Montreal Royals play in the forties and fifties.

Take Care


Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point


Now in our 12th Season of bringing fun and affordable live theatre to our

Point St. Charles community…our next play coming soon..

 The PSC Community Theatre presents:



Cenarth Fox

(A highly entertaining spoof about Agatha Christie and her characters)

Dates: (Please note due to high demand, we will perform for 3 weekends)

Friday, November 10th 2017 – at 8pm

Saturday, November 11th 2017 – at 8pm

Friday, November 17th – at 8pm

Saturday, November 18th – at 8pm

Sunday, November 19th – at 2pm (Matinee)

Friday, November 24th – at 8pm

Saturday, November 25th – at 8pm


All plays are performed at 1900 Wellington St., Montreal (Point St. Charles)


Donation (Suggested minimum donation of $ 9.00)

Reserve Today:

Reserve on our main web site at:



Need more Information?

Email to:

karenkillen Email

Where Are You From rosevillecalifornia


I would like to say it was nice seeing Billy Wilson and Ron Nipper Choules in the photos of the Frank Hanley event.

My cousin is married to Fr.junior., and her sister was married to Steven Evanshen, brother of Terry Evanshen.

Karen Killen
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