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John Mason Email

Where Are You From Griffintown / Winnipeg

Good Morning George,

Great Photo`s of Griffintown. Can you tell me what web site Dean McCunn finds these photo`s of Griffintown from.

Thanks`and take care,


Hi John.
Yes, it is a great picture of the Griff.
My nephew Dean, told me tonight that it was on Face Book
under the heading of: Griffintown Memories.
I hope that helps.
All the best John,

Boutilier Family Email

Where Are You From Point Saint Charles

Happy 81st Birthday to our Mom Bernice Laniel-Boutilier.
We know how proud you are of your roots.
81 years on Paris Street!!!

Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point


New play opens at the PSC Community Theatre
November 9th 2018

 “All the King’s Women”

By Luigi Januzzi

(This playwright also penned “Exhibit This, The Museum Comedies” which was performed at the PSC Theatre to great reviews…..)

“All the King’s Women” is the story of Elvis Presley as told though the eyes of 17 fans. It consists of 3 monologues; and 5 one act plays.  

Humorous and touching dialogue that is generally based on real facts including the Elvis appearances on the Steve Allen show; the purchase of his first guitar; Andy Warhol’s silk screen images of the King (one of these silk screens apparently has recently sold for $100 million);  and, about when U.S. President Nixon met Elvis etc.

Although Elvis is the person of interest, the play is more about his affect of the lives and culture of his time – before cell phones; before the internet; before 100+ TV Channels in Color; before lots of things that we have and use today !!

The spirit of the King of Rock & Roll will be alive at the PSC Community Theatre in November.

Friday November 9th at 8pm

Saturday, November 10th at 8pm

Sunday, November 11th at 2 pm (Matinee)

Thursday, November 15th at 8pm

Friday, November 16th at 8pm

Saturday, November 17th at 8pm

 To reserve: Please visit our main web site at http://www.PSCCOMMUNITY.COM

All performances take place at “The Old Bank” at 1900 Wellington St. Montreal (in the Point).

Cost: Donation (Suggested donation of $10.00)

Need more information?  Email to

art baker Email

Where Are You From congregation street


I was brought up on that corner, (Wellington and Congregation).

Thanks for the memories.


Gordie & Betty Bernier  Email

Where Are You From The Point/ Griffintown.

Hi George,

It was great to see you again on Saturday. Thank you for posting the Hall Of Recognition videos, such a fantastic job as usual.

Hopefully we'll see you again soon.💕💕💕
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