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Jim (Tubby) McILWAINE Email

Where Are You From Point / (Dorval)

Our dearest George.

We knew that we would find you, taking pictures at the St. Charles sportsplex in Honour of naming the gym after the great Frank (Banjo) Hanley. As usual a super job done by you.
I can remember the many Christmas parties you and Santa worked in the Point and the countless pictures over the years taking with he kids and Santa by you.
You are a very special person. On behalf of the old and new Point THANK YOU
Your Buddy,

Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point


Frank Hanley….

It was a nice ceremony last evening to name the Basketball Court at the Point arena after Mr. Frank “Banjo” Hanley – long time political representative in the Point. As Craig Sauvé, current city councilor, mentioned – it is amazing that as he campaigns for the election, the name of Frank Hanley comes up again and again – and Mr. Hanley left politics about 40 years ago! Not many politicians are remembered so fondly after 40 years!

If you didn’t have a chance to attend, you can drop by the arena at 1055 Hibernia and see the signage on the 2nd floor dedicated to Mr. Hanley – it includes some great old photos.

As mentioned, with Mr. Hanley’s great contribution to the community, he deserves something even bigger like a street; a park; or a large building named after him. But as highlighted last evening, the Hanley family, along with our Borough Mayor, – Mr. Benoit Dorias, – have been trying for years to have an appropriate space honoring Mr. Hanley. Unfortunately, the naming of these large spaces is the responsibility of the City of Montreal and they have simply ignored any requests. So, the Mayor and City Councilor, said that “enough was enough” and decided to name the Basketball Court – since the Borough is solely responsible to make this designation - and doesn’t require any authorization from the City. However, as Mr. Hanley’s son, Brian, said the effort should continue to get the park on Centre and Atwater also named for Frank Hanley. Let’s all hope that this is done soon…. 


Hughie McKay Email

Where Are You From The Point / Ingleside On.

Glad to see that "Banjo" continues to get the credit he deserves .

Glen Cambridge Email

Where Are You From The Point/Lasalle

Hi George & Donald. 

On behalf of the Point St Charles Hall of Recognition committee, we would like to thank you both for your hard work and dedication to our event as well as the full community. 

Your tireless work ethic is greatly appreciated.

Bob Walsh 

Where Are You From "The Point" 369 charron St

George and Donald,

Just watched the video segments of the 2017 H of R.
Much appreciated.
A job well done.

Thanks Bob, Donald and myself appreciate
your remarks

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