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Bill Govan Email

Where Are You From Congregation St. Greenfield Park

Where are all your great photos?

Where do I look?

Bill, The direct link is;

Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point

Thank you for your Support

Yesterday, Saturday, June 10th 2017, the PSC Community Theatre closed the 2016-2017 season with a terrific performance of our “Junior” actors in our PSC Youth Theatre program. They offered a play called “The Point of the Pyramid” to another sold-out audience. 

With our 11th year now behind us, we do have to take a moment to thank all the volunteers that gave so much time, talent, and energy to making this past year so great; bringing adult live theatre to our community; and contributing to keeping our Youth Theatre program completely free to any young people that are interested in learning acting skills.

And, of course, we salute our loyal audience that have been so supportive, as well as, a number of organizations that have contributed financially.

Even if live theatre is “not your thing” there should still be certain pride that so many “Pointers” like our friend here - George McRae - and some others have been able operate this adult and youth theatre for more than a decade, as another indication of the strength of our community.

Our next 2017-2018 season is scheduled to kick off in November 2017 with a brand new Adult Theatre play and we hope you will all be able to join again….

Victor Boyle Email

Where Are You From The Point /Hemmingford

I feel like a groundhog popping up on February 2nd.

Thanks to everyone who turned out for this year's Walk to the Stone. It was important for the Irish people to show the sanctity of the Black Rock and the surrounding area.
A special thanks to George McCrae for such a great job filming the event and publishing it for all to see. It's been shared around the world.

It's always great to look out and see George's smiling face in the crowd - tripod firmly in place.

Thanks George!

Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point


Mark your Calendars for June 12th

If you happen to be downtown on Monday evening, please do make a note to drop by this event…This event is hosted by Bloomsday Montreal; and Shanks Events.

It takes place upstairs at McKibbins Pub on Bishop, It is scheduled from 5pm – 11pm, features a number of different English language cultural groups; and is Free, and open to everyone.

In addition to the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation, some other groups that I am involved with will also be in attendance - like The PSC Community Theatre; and the Quebec Anglo Heritage Network (QAHN), and others.

So if you just want to see what these various groups are up to; and perhaps get involved with one or more of them, this is a good opportunity to drop by; and speak with representatives of a number of varied “Anglos” groups in Montreal and Quebec.

There is also a Facebook event page at:


Hope to see you there….

Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point



This Saturday, June 3rd 2017, the “Senior Group” of our Point St. Charles (PSC) Youth Theatre program will entertain you with their play-


This one-only performance starts at 4pm at the "Old Bank” (1900 Wellington St.)

Our young actors have been rehearsing for many, many weeks to present their best performance possible.

So if you have the opportunity, please do come out an support them.

Additional details and reservations at:
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