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Grant Stewart 

Where Are You From Born in the house on Grand Trunk st

Saturday Mar. 21,2020 my brother Brian passed away. He was born on April 14,1933, the son of Harold and Mona. He had 4 brother and 3 sisters. Heather, Carol, Sterling, Grantland, Wayne, Darcy, and Melody.Brian was a really good at many sports.
He will be missed by many.

Wayne Quesnel 

Where Are You From Ville Emard (Point)

Hi George,

I just wanted to see how you are doing, hope all is well , thinking of you my friend, stay safe.


art baker Email

Where Are You From congregation st.


I  lived at 555 congregation around the corner of the 79th Battery.

My dad put me in the army, Oct 1952. I served in Korea. 

I knew Paddy Geary and Fraser Woodhouse  of the Montreal Boys Association: great people

Brian Heaney Email

Where Are You From Verdun / B.C.

Brian Heaney
Email address:
Subject:79th battery
Message:It was great seeing the picture of Wellington st in the 50,s I met my wife Joan at a dance at the 79th battery in 1952 married her in 1959 (still together) the Friday dance was run by Pat Geary and his son Bob.they were great years. as bob hope used to say Thanks for the memories.
Brian Heaney
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Wrong name on post
Hi George the post from Brian Hanley was actually sent by me Brian Heaney who met my wife Joan at the 79th battery I was from Verdun and Joan from the west end and we hung around the point forever Joan was formerly Joan Christensen from rue des seigneurs we married in 1959 (still together) we moved to Vancouver in 1980. I go to the breakfast every so often and catch up with the guys and girls I grew up with.

Ross Fuller Email

Where Are You From St. Laurent/Green Valley

I have to say how much I enjoy all the old pics that are posted on this site.

Today the pic of a restaurant in Goose Village is very sad. The city of Montreal made one of the biggest blunders ever when they decided to destroy a community and wreck so many peoples lives. I had two relatives who grew up in the Village and I wish I had been of the mind way back when I was much younger to talk to them and ask questions about their life growing up in the Village. I have read and seen so many stories and pics about Goose Village. It was a special and unique community that will never exist again.
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