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Gordie & Betty Berniet Email

Where Are You From Mercier

Merry Christmas George and Donald' all the best for 2018.

Thank you for the wonderful job your doing on this site.

John Mason Email

Where Are You From Griffintown / Winnipeg

Merry Christmas George and Donald.

I want to thank you for all that you do in keeping us connected through this site all of these years and for me with the Griffintown memories.


From Winterpeg, Christmas Day at -43c

Bernice Laniel, Claire & Guy 

Where Are You From The Point

Merry Christmas George & Donald!!!

Thanks for all the time you put into keeping this site up & running.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

Happy Holidays from us to all of you!!!

Ron Boucher Email

Where Are You From St Jean Sur Richelieu (The Point & Goose Village)

Merry Christmas George & Donald and I hope you have a great New Year. 
I check the site daily and look forward to seeing the entries and videos.

Keep up the good work guys.

George McRae Email

Where Are You From the POINT!

Donald and myself would like to thanks everyone for their kind and best wishes at this time of year. May we both return our very best of health and peace to all of you, our friends and family, both near and far.

I appreciated your visits to the "Point on the Web" site after all these years. With 2018, the site will be on the Internet for 21 years. Back at the beginning of this venture, we were one the first, if not the first, community web address on the WWW here in Montreal.
Back around 2000-2002, we had OVER 2,240,000 hits in only a matter of months. People visited the Point site, from all over the island ( most never lived here, Griffintown or the Village ). Today the visits to my site are low, due to the growth of the WWW into so many fields. In many ways, is like some of the old town and village newspapers that are closing down due to lack of readership. Times are changing, but I will continue to operate this site as I have always done putting the old Point first, but never forgetting the Griff and the Village.

Again my very best wishes to you all,
George and Donald McRae
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