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vivien Freedman Email

Where Are You From Point-Saint-Charles

Here is the obituary of Sheila Brandl Hennessy.  The service will be held in Mississauga but buried at the Notre-Dame des Neiges cemetary on Friday.    Here is the obituary which I picked up in the Toronto Star of today:

BRANDL, Sheila Alice (nee HENNESSY) Sadly, we announce the passing of Sheila at the Trillium Hospital in Mississauga. Sheila will be greatly missed by her loving husband, Alf and her devoted daughters, Margaret and Erica. Sheila was born in Montreal, where she met Alf. Together, they lived in Austria and Manitoba, before settling in Ontario. She always missed Montreal and returned there for numerous trips, which she enjoyed tremendously. Sheila's true passion was genealogy. Her work led to a mountain of research of her own family tree and the discovery of many relatives, many of whom we were able to meet in person. Her tireless efforts also helped many others in tracing their family trees. She enjoyed travel, something she shared with Alf, with whom she went on many trips, including Australia and Europe. She especially cherished her visit to the Canadian Monument at Vimy Ridge as her grandfather served during World War I. Survived by her husband, Alf and daughters, Margaret Brandl (Rob) and Erica Brandl (Rob, sons Devin and Jarod), brother Dan (Judith), sister Joan, brother Bill (Marie José), twin sister Shannon (Andre) and brother Tom (Sally). Sheila will be remembered by her many nephews, nieces and friends. Predeceased by her father, Frank (1976), her mother, Jessie (1990), her brothers, Gerald (1967) and Donald (2006). A celebration of her life will be held at The Simple Alternative Funeral Centre, 1535 South Gateway Rd., Mississauga, on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Interment at the Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery, Montreal.

Linda Wright 

Where Are You From Point Saint Charles/Deux Montagnes

Time permitting, I would like to recommend to the committee that nominates inductees to the Hall of Recognition to consider:
The Women Auxiliary of the Boy's and Girl's Club. This group was the back bone of the club, involved in many levels of activities and organization. Unfortunately, it was many years ago and I cannot remember specific names and years, with the exception of Mrs. Minnie Assels. Mrs. Folley was at the front reception desk/cantine and was always helpful and welcoming; but I don't know if she was part of the auxiliary. Apparently, pictures and files from the earlier years and the 1960's on, are archived at McGill. I only tried once to access photos of a 'Beauty Pageant' that was held involving all of the Boy's and Girl's clubs at the time (late 60's) and I was not successful. 
Is there someone on the committee who could supply more specifics on names,duties and years served? Re: Women Auxiliary for a possible nomination this year or next?
Thank you for your time.
Linda Wright
August 07/2017.

vivien Freedman Email

Where Are You From Point-Saint-Charles

I just heard that my old roommate and friend   passed away yesterday.  She was Sheila Hennesy, married to Alf Brandl.   Sheila was born in the Point and raised on Coleraine Street.   We shared an apartment with Joyce, an Irish girl in Montreal when both of them were working at Birkes.  Even though Sheila and Alf moved to Mississauga, we always remained in touch.  I believe that the funeral service will be held in St-Gabriel but I don't know when.   Some of you may know her or her brothers and sisters.   They were quite a large family.   If you want her husband's e-mail address or his postal address, please let me know  My e-mail is  Thank you, Vivien Freedman

Fergus Keyes Email

Where Are You From The Point




In a discussion with DiAnne Giguere, a lifelong Point resident, about the next Montreal election scheduled for early November, we realized that we don’t know much about Project Montreal – the current opposition party at City Hall. (Neither DiAnne, nor I, is a member, or even strong supporter, of any municipal political party.)

However changes in the Project Montreal party might have some affect on the Point, and Southwest, and we both would like to make an informed decision when we vote.

Valerie Plante has become the new leader of the party; and our current Borough Mayor, Mr. Dorais has also joined Project Montreal.

So we just wanted to meet Ms. Plante and ask her about the Party policies in general and any specific questions that we, or any other residents had about the Project Montreal party. We also asked if this meeting could be in the Point, and designated to be in English, since there is any number of English speaking voters who might not be comfortable asking questions etc. in French.

So thanks to the help of Craig Sauvé (our current City of Montreal city councillor for the Southwest and also part of the Project Montreal team), we have now been able to schedule this meeting with Ms. Plante, and perhaps some other members of the party, for the evening of August 15th.

This get-together will take place at The Old Bank – 1900 Wellington St., in the Point and scheduled from 7pm until 9pm.

Although we are concentrating on the Southwest, of course if Ms. Plante does become the next Mayor of Montreal, her mandate will extend island wide – so even if you are not a resident of the Southwest but have an interest, you are also very welcomed to attend.

We hope you will be able to attend and it would be really appreciated if you could note in the event page below that you might be able to join us, so we know how many chairs to set up etc.[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22main_list%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A[]%7D]%22%7D



Jim (Tubby) Mcilwaine Email

Where Are You From Dorval( Point)

I don't understand how the people are chosen for the hall of recognition, but I am sure of one person that has been overlooked much too long.That person is, George McRae.

This man has been at most every function concerning the Point., taken film at his own cost., bringing the news of the Point to people that moved away or are too sick to attend., never asking anything in return.
I think its time to do the right thing and honour him.
Maybe, yes just maybe, (this man goes about doing this great service without ever being noticed by you) Lets us not wait. Let us thank a Super Pointer.


Thanks Tubby for your very kind and generous words. Appreciated.
I must though make one thing clear re my being in inducted into the Point HofR.

I have been asked many times by the Committee since the 3rd year of the HofR, but have passed on it each time. So the Committee is =not= at fault in regard to my not being there on the board that hangs at the Point "Y". I have thank them for their thoughtfulness in wanting to nominate me into the HofR, but have decline each time. Maybe in the future.

Thanks  Again Tubby,

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